The Birth of Civilisation

The Temporal Wisdom

The previous post in this series can be read here where we explore the closing of the Ice Age and beginning of agriculture.

The earliest human settlements are found in and around the Fertile Crescent – a crescent shaped region in the Middle East with moist and fertile soil that is suitable for agriculture. This region received an average of 300mm (12in) rain a year. It is here where the concept of agriculture originated.


Between 10,000 and 4000 BC, humankind had gone through three critical revolutions: sedentary instead of a nomadic lifestyle, developing methods of farming and the formation of first cities or civilisations. A fourth revolution, often dubbed as the “symbolic revolution”, was equally significant. The origin of ritual & superstition was of great importance when it came to social malleability. Evidence of this was found at the Qermez Dere site in Northern Iraq. 9th Millennium villages…

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