Monday, 11 May 2020

Dog days

Ahhh. I always wandered why the Egyptian „Dog days“ were located on the solar year at the hottest part of the year, the end of July, beginning of August…So I looked at the Ancient Egyptian dog breeds…

First thing I found out that the Ancient Egyptian loved hunting dogs.

And that their word for „hunting dog“ was „Tesem“. And that it was written in hieroglyphics using the image of a prick-eared, leggy dog with a curled tail from the early Egyptian age…

There were three main types of dogs in Ancient Egypt: pariah dog (basenji), two kinds of greyhound-like dogs and a molosser-type dog….And the one shown on Tesem hieroglyph is definitely the „pariah dog“ known in Egypt as basenji.

The „pariah dog“ is the name given to the half wild dog species still found around the world. They are the closest we still have to the old wild dogs…And they have preserved one important characteristic of wild dogs: They have one breading season…

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