Thor: (The Sound of) Thunder

Throwback Thorsday

A year ago, I covered Thor’s relationship to Thunder.

I think the phrase „God of Thunder“ is a touch misleading, because when you’re the god of X, people pray to you hoping that you’ll give them X. It seems silly, though, to think that anyone would ask a god to bring them thunder and lightning. Instead, Thor is a protector, like Jupiter and Zeus (also thunderers) are gods of sovereignty and justice. It’s not that anyone ever prayed for thunder: they prayed to Thor in the hopes that he would use his mighty hammer Mjolnir to defeat the forces of chaos. Thor’s chariot, driven by the goats Tooth-Gnasher and Tooth-Grinder, was responsible for most of the noise. The sound of Thor defeating the giants and the trolls, riding in on is chariot, that was the thunder. Thor was thunder. He was the animating personification of the warrior heart, the…

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