The Hopewell Indian Mound builders and their mysterious culture

415 Raspberry Picket Trilogy


Future site of Circleville, Ohio

When white men began to explore the remote wilderness that one day would become the State of Ohio, they discovered hundreds of earthen works and mounds, many built in unusual geometric designs. Many were in the shapes of animals such as snakes, birds, and other animals.  Some theorized the large mounds were built by a lost tribe of  Israel.  Most found them a novelty at best and they were plowed under for farm land and settlements.

Now we know these mounds were built by prehistoric people we call the Hopewell and Adena cultures. Not much  was known of these prehistoric people by the Indians who came later and settled in this area. No one knows what these people called themselves. No one knows what became of them.  Ohio was the center of their culture. Ohio has the largest number of mounds and artifacts of these ancient cultures than anywhere else  in…

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