An Interpretation of the Ancient Ishtar Myth

Ancient Mystery

An interpretation of the ancient Ishtar Myth, the entwined serpent, a mixture of two tales fused into one. The Anunnaki became a group of deities through priestly interpretation, originally they were „spirit“. Good or bad…well that depends on perspective; The Babylonian tale Ishtar’s descent into Hades depicts Ishtar, as the goddess of fertility, seeking for her husband, the sun-god in the underworld. During her journey to the netherworld all fertility ceases on the earth, to be resumed only when she returns as the joyful bride of the springtime sun. The surrender of her clothing and jewels at the seven gates of Aralu represents the gradual decay of vegetation on the earth, and the resumption of her garments the growing beauty and verdure which mark her return. Another hypothesis identifies Ishtar with Dawkina, goddess of the earth, wife of Ea/Enki and therefore mother as well as consort of Tammuz. According to…

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