Mistress of the house

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Early Neolithic figurines from Macedonia depicting anthropomorphised house and bread oven…They are symbolically equating Woman, Mistress of the house, with the house and the bread oven…


This symbolism is still found in Balkan Slavic folklore where both the house and bread oven are exclusive domains of the Mistress of the house, the oldest woman in the house…

In Serbia we have two very interesting proverbs equating the woman with the house (home):

„Ne stoji kuća na zemlji nego na ženi“ – The house doesn’t stand on the ground but on the woman

„Gde nije žene tu nije ni kuće“ – where there is no woman, there is no house

Original primitive shelters were made by leaning single supporting beam against a tree and then creating a roof by piling twigs, branches and fallen leaves against it. You can see that the most important part of this construction is the main roof supporting beam…

This shelter eventually became house roof, when horizontal walls were added to create more space in the shelter. But the roof is still the most important part of the house, because it turns enclosure into a shelter…This is artist depiction of a neolithic house…

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