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Alphabets & Zodiacs

Curiosity can certainly take you to places. Just a couple of days back, I was researching on the origins of modern day alphabets. In particular, I was tempted to probe in the formation of the Semitic languages (Arabic, Hebrew etc) which sprang up from the Sumerian (Modern day Iraq) civilization predating even Egypt.  I must tell the reader here that my hypothesis was primarily just a ‚thought‘ with little or no factual evidence to support.

But as I was fascinated, I did my own research and found some very fascinating references. For example, Brian R. Pellar wrote an interesting paper by the name of ‚On The Origins of the Alphabets‘ and presented a comparative analysis of Semitic alphabets and how each couplet was based on the pattern of the constellations (which are called as Zodiacs in astrology):

zodiacs The letters Aleph and Beth collectively turned 90 degrees counter clockwise revels…

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