Neolithic seafarers

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

This is Pelješac peninsula on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. 
In one of the caves near the tip of the peninsula, archaeologists have discovered prehistoric cultural deposits, about 4 meters thick, covering the entire local post-Mesolithic sequence…
Eleven occupation phases and sub phases span 6,000 years, from the Early Neolithic to the Illyrian Iron Age…
You can read about the lithic finds from Pelješac peninsula in the article „Lithic artifacts from nakovana (Pelješac): Continuity and change from early neolithic until the end of prehistory“ by S. Forenbaher and Zlatko Perhoč
Among many lithics found in the cave, a few were made from glossy and semi-translucent black obsidian…
The analysis of the obsidian has determined that it came from the Gabellotto Gorge area of the island of Lipari, just above Sicily…
This in itself is amazing…How the hell did Lipari obsidian end up on Pelješac in Neolithic??? But there is more…All other lithics from the cave were made of non local cherts…
The analysis of the material showed that it came from the mines located in Gargano Peninsula in Apulia region.

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