Astrological Correspondences for the Knights of the Round Table – a traditional list

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by Milky Way Maid

I was re-reading some old astrological references and came across this list again. Felt it might be of interest to all you King Arthur fans or lovers of medieval literature and culture.

First of all, Arthur and Guinevere themselves symbolized the Sun and Moon polarity. And there were not just 12 knights; there were many more. Ultimately they totaled 144 by some counts, or twelve for each sign. But primary among those that were most easily identified as belonging to one sign or another are these knights listed below:

ARIES– Sir Gareth, who (befitting his Mars ruler) was a skilled fighter but unfortunately also known for his temper. Youngest son of King Lot and Margause, making him King Arthur’s nephew;

TAURUS– Sir Dinadan, who was slow to anger but a formidable opponent once aroused.

GEMINI– Sir Lionel and Sir Bors, who were twins. (I bet you…

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