Heket – Egyptian Goddess of Life Death and Rebirth

Knot Magick

A Heketean working with Heket

As a Heketean since 2008 I came across the conflation between Heket and Hekate quite early on in my research but was always puzzled by it.  Beyond similar entomology I instinctively felt that the similarities proposed were too cosmetic but could not pinpoint it further.  After writing a short article on Hekate and Childbirth I encountered Heket on a more intellectual level, and when developing an abundance altar and ritual in 2010, I took the opportunity to work with Heket on a spiritual level.

Over time and through my ritual work I have reached a personal understanding of these two goddesses and find them individual and unique, and understand the conflation less and less.  Whereas Hekate takes an interest in all aspects of her devotees life;  be it work, spiritually,  love,  friendships / connections, etc Heket is very focused. Her interest is in fertility,  abundance…

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