Neanderthals: The First Known Religion

Seeking Spirituality

Most of us have some ideas about who or what God is, but do we really know where those ideas come from. For most of us religious ideas on God come from various scriptures, traditions, history, church leadership, and our own personal spiritual journey. All these sources tend to merge and morph over time to produce a mosaic of God properties. But…… Where do these ideas on God actually come from? How old is the concept of God? What do other world religions think about God? Is any concept of God reasonable in light of knowledge from 21st century science? All important questions when pondering „Who or what is God…for me?“.

This post will address the question, „How old is the concept of God?“

The Neanderthals Of Shanidar Cave

So lets start at the beginning, at least the beginning of the first known human concept of God. For this we…

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