Baba mountains and crags

Monday, 24 August 2020

This peak on Stara planina (Old mountain) in South of Serbia is called „Babin zub“ (Grandmother’s tooth). It is one of many toponyms and hydronyms with the root „Baba“ (Grandmother) found in the area.

Interestingly, the word „Baba“ (and its variant Boba) once also meant „rock“ and „Mother Earth“

There are many many more mountains, hills and crags with „Baba“ in its name all over the Balkans.

This is a page that will collect the names and images of all the known mountains, and other toponyms and hydronyms with the root „baba“ or „boba“ from the Balkans.

Please send me any info about any toponym or hydronym I missed. Thank you.


This is an example of „bobija“ from mountain Azbukovica, Serbia

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