The Indo-European Migrations – How We’re Connected

European Origins

  1. The Indo-European Homeland
  2. Proto-Indo-European Expansion into Europe and Asia
  3. The Migrations in Mythology
  4. Genetic Studies
  5. The Militarization of Europe

Today,Indo-European languagesare spoken all over the world, as a consequence of colonization by European powers like the British, the French, the Portuguese and the Spanish in the Age of Discovery. But even before Christopher Columbus had sailed to the Americas, Indo-European languages were spoken across Eurasia, from Western Europe to India and even China.

This article aims to examine why the Proto-Indo-Europeans were so successful in the dispersal of their language, culture, and genes, where exactly they migrated to, and what caused these migrations.

By Hayden120 – For the names of the branches, see citations in legend (based on „Indo-European Languages“. The College of Liberal Arts. UT Austin. 2008.) and „Indo-European languages“ from distribution is essentially and approximately based on the map „Indo-European languages – Approximate locations of…

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