Symbolic Language: Prehistoric Cave Art

Neli Todorova's blog

It is fascinating to know how, for millions of years, human civilization has lived without any oral communication whatsoever and how they have managed to communicate with each other through body language – gestures, noises, etc. Also, it is amazing how different types of languages have developed over the years – sign languages, spoken languages, etc., due to human evolution. Today there are nearly 5000 spoken languages all over the world.

 Prehistoric Cave Paintings

Before spoken languages started evolving amongst human civilization, one of the ways of communication that I find very interesting was art, and, to be more exact, cave art, and the ability to understand what people tried to say through cave paintings and learning about their ways of communicating with one another. Prehistoric cave art shows us how our ancestors described their way of life, the way the saw the world and how they have been expressing…

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