Sunday, 6 September 2020

A re’em, also reëm (Hebrew: רְאֵם), is an animal mentioned nine times in the Hebrew Bible. The Greek Old Testament (3rd-2nd c. BC) translated re’em as „unicorn“ which stayed as the main translation of this word until the end of the 19th century…

Then, in 1899, Johann Ulrich Duerst discovered that the word „re’em“ it was based on the Akkadian cognate „rimu“, meaning „Auroch“, the Eurasian wild cattle…This has been „generally“ 🙂 accepted today as the correct translation, „even among religious scholars“ 🙂….

Now, I would like here to talk about the folklore related to re’em. Which is really interesting as it is directly based on the ancient Hebrew solar cult from the time of the First Temple…You can find more about this cult in my post „Sun god from the First Temple„. Pic: Sun on the seal of the kingdom of Judah (739-687 BC)

Re’em in folklore: read more;

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