Invitations to the Celtic Otherworld


Celtic mythology was designed a little bit differently than other cosmologies the West is familiar with. There were no consistent interactions between gods and humans as with the Greeks. Celtic Gods did not regularly visit and seduce mortals, nor did they interfere with their wars, kings, or anything else.

Nor were they quite so standoffish as the Norse. Their entire careers were not spent waiting on and undermining the strategies of their enemies. They didn’t do battle with their supernatural enemies like Thor or spy on them like Odin. It is not uncommon for humans and gods to interact, it just isn’t common, either.

Instead, Celtic gods were somewhere in the middle. They had their own homes, their own lives, and they seem to have been involved in the lives of Celts only when they were needed. I have in previous blogs mentioned Medb, who served as the goddess of…

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