Autumn Equinox 2020

Iwaya-Iwakage of Kanayama Megaliths

Shiho Tokuda checking track lines on autumn equinox. Spotlight moves from left to right. Photo by Chika.

Autumn 2020 has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. The above photo of Shiho Tokuda was taken by Chika on autumn equinox day, 2020. It can be compared with the image from the Guidebook showing the beam of light on 3/21 and 9/23.

Spotlights on spring and autumn equinoxes, from Guidebook.

Autumn equinox in Japan arrived at 10:30 pm on September 22. Here are some photos taken by Chika in Iwaya-Iwakage. For reference, we show three images from the Guidebook. Chika’s photos give us a good perspective of the layout of the enclosed space, and how the spotlight moves across the floor from left to right during the day.

In the map of the floor, the huge boulder F is in the back (top) at the north of the chamber. Stone E is the…

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