Osiris- How did he become god of the Underworld?

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How did Osiris go from being an earth god of fertility and agriculture to god of the dead and the Afterlife? The story starts when he was born, the first son to Geb and Nut, the god of the Earth and goddess of the skies. Then his brother Seth was born, then his sisters Isis and Nephthys. He married Isis and Seth married Nephthys. Seeing as he was first-born, it was destined that he would become heir to the throne of Egypt. Seth was jealous of his brother.  This led to many disputes between the two gods.

At some time during Osiris’s rein, Nephthys transformed herself into Isis and presented herself to Osiris. He didn’t know the difference, and so she seduced him. She later gave birth to the god Anubis. Seth became very envious of his brother, and started plotting to kill him so that he could take…

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