The lotus, more than a plant, a symbol


In the Theban tomb of Menna (TT69) a young girl, seated on a mat, holds lotuses in her hands

The flowers, they are one of the wonder on our planet for sure. I am not exaggerating; we may see them all around us and not notice when we look at them we feel some calmness and happiness in our soul.

And here is the proof! The magic of this nature goes back to the magic of ancient Egypt. Here is the tale of the wizard of Nymphaea, the Water Lily.

With a heartily thank to two honourable Egyptologists and friends of mine

http://Marc Chartier & http://Marie Grillot 🙏💖🙏💖

„Imagine it if in the hands or on the forehead of women, in bouquets mounted or on offering tables, in decorative friezes or floating on water features in gardens, the image of elegant blue lotus is one that is automatically associated with…

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