Thuban and the Dragon

sara annon

  • He bound the 22 letters of the Torah to his tongue 
  • and he revealed to him their mystery
  • he drew them in water
  • he flamed them in fire
  • he agitated them with breath
  • he burned them with the seven planets
  • he directed them with the twelve constellations
  • from the Sefer Yetzirah, Book of Creation

Most of the twelve gateway stars from Revelations are within few degrees of the ecliptic. The exceptions are:

  • Mirzam, the Announcer in Canis Major
  • Nusukan or the Pauper’s Bowl in the Corona Borealis
  • Thuban, or the Serpent, in Draco

Thuban is especially intriguing partly because of the serpent imagery in Revelations, but also because it is one of the Pole stars. I wondered if looking at the dates when the Serpent was the center of the heavens would give me an idea of when the horse tribes began to mark their ceremonies with the patterns of…

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