PHARAO: Living in ancient Egypt

University of Aberdeen Museums

The exhibition ‚PHARAO: living in ancient Egypt‘ has just opened at the Lokschuppen Exhibition Centre in Rosenheim, Germany, accompanied by a lavishly illustrated book (in German). The exhibition features almost 150 of the University of Aberdeen’s internationally important collection of artefacts from ancient Egypt. This is the largest loan of museum items in the University’s history. The beautiful exhibition, open from 24 March to 17 December 2017, includes 400 exhibits, 11 models of ancient Egyptian temples and 22 media stations to take visitors on a journey along the Nile. Among the highlights are a 4,000 year-old wooden coffin of Nakht and the mummy of the lady Ta Cheru and a fine statue of the scribe Rahotep – all on loan from Aberdeen. There are also many fine items from German museums in Berlin, Hildesheim and Hamm, aided by Austrian logistics company MuseumPartners

The exhibition is held in the Lokschuppen exhibition…

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