Following the White Trail to Stonehenge Part VI


The Hidden Secret, Triangles and Lozenges



 Above is a geometric configuration which shows the Hidden Secret. The equilateral triangle is symbolic of the Godhead, of which we are only aware of three dimensions, the fourth is hidden. This configuration symbolizes the four faces of God. I don’t know how old this symbolism is or how it came to be this way, but at Stonehenge Lugh’s head was an equilateral triangle. The equilateral triangle was used by the Egyptians, and along with the right-angled triangle, is still a symbol among the Masons. To the Egyptians this triangle represented animal, vegetable and mineral. Christianity uses this triangle which is symbolic of the Trinity. The central triangle can be joined to any one of the other triangles to create a lozenge with angles 60° and 120°. These are the same angles found on the Wessex lord’s small gold lozenge.

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