Bull god from Arslantepe

The other day, Waššukanni (@dutpekmezi3), one of my favourite twitter accounts, and someone I would definitely recommend you to follow if you like archaeology, published a picture of this orthostat (engraved stone block) from Arslantepe, dated to 1200-700BC…


Here is the drawing of the same orthostat where the actual features are even clearer to see

The description under this artefact contains few „mistakes“: 

First: the god is not holding a boomerang 🙂 in his raised right arm, he is holding a sickle. That this is not a boomerang is is kind of obvious…Why it is a sickle, not so obvious…But it will become obvious…

Second: the god is also not holding a „lightning bundle“ 🙂 in his left arm, he is holding a sheaf of wheat…



The reason why I don’t think this is a „lightning bundle“ is because on another stone monument from the same period, Uluçinar stela, we can see what the „lightning bundle“ of the Anatolian storm gods actually looks like: it’s a trident…


I analysied the Uluçinar stelae in this article… What I have found during that analysis can help us understand the meaning of the scene from the Aslantepe orthostat too…

It is all to do with Anatolian climate and with the grain agriculture which was the most important activity in the Hittite kingdom…

The late April early May (Taurus, Beginning of summer) is the time of maximum precipitation and maximum thunderstorms in the land of the Hittites.

read more: http://oldeuropeanculture.blogspot.com/2021/03/bull-god-from-arslantepe.html

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