The Origins of Science

Philosophy of Humanism

Modern objectivity, the approach to knowledge which utilizes theoretical science along with derivative high technology to define our world, increasing the potency of both its own technical procedures and the professional practices that rely on its progress in an accelerating ascent towards the ecological hegemony of our species, is probably our most powerful avenue for actualization, but its emergence was not abrupt, a radical rupture with tradition, and perhaps not inevitable. The development of objectivity stretches back thousands of years, to at least the 1st millennium B.C.E., arising from a long, gradual train of discoveries and insights by individuals throughout the world.

In ancient Greece, the philosopher Anaximander (b. 610 B.C.E.) was one of the initial Europeans to suggest based on astronomical observations what later ancients proved, that the Earth floats freely in space as opposed to resting on a foundation. Democritus (b. 460) was the first philosopher to proffer…

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