The Prehistoric Craft: Celtic Metalwork of the La Tène Period

U with Umlaut (Ü)

It all started with me reading a quick guide to prehistoric art. At the time I was very interested in cave paintings and wanted to write a piece on art philosophy through the analysis of cave paintings but I unfortunately never got to it. While I was researching for cave paintings in France, I came across Celtic metalwork. I was beyond impressed with the black and white pictures on the book and I knew I had to look into this. I thought these under-appreciated artworks are fascinating and now that I started a blog, I can share my fascination. There is a large debate continuing on what constitutes art; when art as we know it started, what elements make something art, who is an artist, does prehistoric works count as art… The questions go on and on but I am not going to dive into all those discussions. Rather I…

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