The Virgin Birth of the Egyptian Messiah -Horus & The Pattern for the Christian Nativity Scene

Elpidio Valdes

Luxor Nativity Scene

In this set of engravings we have the Annunciation, the Conception, the Birth, and the Adoration as described in the first and second chapter of Luke’s Gospel. These scenes, which were mythical in Egypt, have been copied or reproduced as historical in the Canonical Gospels.

In the temple of Amun at the site of Luxor in Egypt appears a series of scenes depicting the divine birth of the king/pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty (c. 1570-1293 BCE), Amenhotep/Amenhotpe or Amenophis III, who reigned during the 14th century BCE (c. 1390-c. 1352 BCE). The Luxor nativity imagery represents a significant artifact demonstrating important pre-Christian religious motifs evidently incorporated into Christianity.

The Origin of the transcendental themes of Christianity reach far into Ancient Egyptian antiquity. In the New Testament Book of Matthew 1:20-23, the story of the Annunciation, Conception, Birth, and Adoration of the child, Jesus, is presented. It tells how the „angel…

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