The Roman Gardens

English in Chester

grosvenor museumThe gardens were first laid out in 1949 to display the many Roman building fragments that had been discovered during the previous century. None of them  are  from this site. Many of them come  from the site of the fortness baths, on the east side of Bridge street, the others are from the north side of the city. In 2000 the gardens were expanded and redesigned to provide a route between the city centre and the river.

In Roman times this area outside the south-east corner of the fortness served as a quarry. There was a cockpit near here until 1618. Cockfighting was outlawed  in 1849.

The layout represents Aesculapios, the god of medicine, whose symbol is a serpent coiled around a rod. The steps and the central paths through the garden represents the rod, the  coiling paths is the serpent.

Roman bathsThe Roman baths are a part of the gardens…

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