Offerings to the Roman-Celtic Horse Goddess Epona: Eponalia

World Tree Heritage

Epona Regina, Lady of Horses, Goddess of the Fields and Stables, we honor you on this feast day!

Epona is one my favorite goddesses in the Gaulish pantheon, but like many deities in the Gaulish pantheon, our historical understanding of her is limited. There are several layers of analysis that are ultimately involved when learning about Epona. While we know little about her from Gaulish sources, Roman depictions give us interesting insights to her associations and importance. She was considered the protector of horses, and was honored in stables and also by the Roman calvary. Furthermore, horse goddesses are widely attested in Indo-European (IE) studies, showing Epona is a goddess of sovereignty.

Epona as a Gaulish Goddess

As far as we know, the Gauls did not make statues of their deities. We aren’t even sure that the Gauls had anthropomorphic deities (like the Romans). From linguistic knowledge of the Gaulish…

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