Bassarids and Maenads Secret Place by *DawnElaineDarkwood at DeviantArt

It’s well known that both Great Dionysus and Fantastic Bacchus often keep company with Satyrs. Satyrs are widely known as wilderness spirits. To emphasize their connection with fertility they are often depicted with erections. They are known to be highly sexually active, and enjoy many forms of revelry. Satyrs are great musicians. The God Pan and the Roman Faunus are notable Satyrs that are shown with instruments such as the horn and flute. The Pan Flute gets it’s name from Great Pan. Satyr are also known to be skilled in the hunt. For it was they who gave Artemis her hunting dogs. Also Pan had also sent his sons with Dionysus in his war against India.

Their appearance varies, the main variation being their ears. Some Satyrs have human ears but most have the ears like a Donkey. I assume this variation is caused by…

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