Travelling words of the Neolithic

Sprachen, Karten und Sprachkarten

The spread of people doe not necessarily imply language expansion, but – as I probably wrote before – I am still waiting to see a real world example of when this does not happen. In fact, it is easier for language to spread even in the absence of migrations, or with only a few people involved. That is why the Neolithic is such a compelling case for the farming/language dispersal hypothesis, but the exact language [family] that could have made its way to Europe from the Near East is still a controversial subject (although I already made clear that, in my point of view, Indo-European is definitely not a candidate). About all that I have written enough, but one interesting piece of evidence remains to be examined: Wanderwörter.

Wanderers from the New World

When a new product is adopted for which there is no precedent in…

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