The Circus of Roman Emperor Nero: Where Saint Peter was martyred

Still Current

When I originally wrote this post back in 2016, I never thought that it would become my most popular work. At that time I simply wanted to share what I learned during my 2015 visit to Rome, that Christians weren’t put to death in the Colosseum, as we grew up to think, but rather at another location, the Circus of Nero. In that original post I gave a short history on that circus, and where it was located.

Ron Current

Since the publication of that article I’ve discovered so much more, not only about the circus, but also the person its name for, the Roman Emperor Nero, and why he persecuted Christians. These new discoveries inspired me to revisit my original work, but not just to do an update, but give it a complete rewrite.

With this NEW article I go much deeper into the histories of: Emperor Nero, what…

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