The Great Secret of Stonehenge

Ancient Horology

Our information sense regarding space and time comes to us so engrained in modern societal tradition that it’s difficult to really comprehend how, where and why these concepts developed. In the modern era we often assume that ancient peoples were less informed, less able and less advanced than we are today in every aspect of their lives, but, there is evidence to the contrary. Surveying and timekeeping forms the major basis of Neolithic social, cultural and technological enterprise, and so we should consider the subject of ancient horology and its relevance to ancient and modern human society.

Stonehenge has stood for over 4000yrs, a superior technology encoded with the culmination of ancient high knowledge and wisdom concerning horology. Stone-circles are horological devices used to survey space to enable the calculation of the passage of time as perceived from the earth surface. When we consider the impact of the clock, compass…

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