Why christianity doesn’t worship El, Baal and the Elohim anymore – the original Hebrew names for God, the Lord and his pantheon

Pagan Mythology of the Bible

Why Christianity doesn’t  worship and honor El, Baal and the Elohim anymore is because they are trying to hide the name and identity of their God from the public for obvious reasons.

The original name for the God of the bible was called El and the pantheon of gods that he ruled over was called the Elohim. The reason right through the Bible ‚God‘ is called ‚Lord God‘ is  because the word ‚Lord‘ is translated from the word ‚Baal‘.

This means saying that one worships the Lord God is actually saying that you are worshiping the ‚God Baal‘. This is  the God that all the churches now say is a bad or false God.

One can see statues and idols of El,  or the Lord God Baal, in the mythology books, as seen above, but the church is obviously embarrassed by him and his primitive crude pagan identity and appearance…

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