What’s So Sacred About Geometry?


From Webster’s Dictionary:

sacred:  pp of sacren, to consecrate.   1a: dedicated to or set apart for the service or worship of a diety.  1b: devoted exclusively to one service or use.  2a: worthy of religious exercises; holy.  2b: entitled to love and respect.  3: of or relating to religion; not secular or profane.

The main source of the following information is distilled from years of study, reading, and referring, to Fr. Egon Sendler’s book,  The Icon: Image of the Invisible.

Ancient peoples worked out an ideal of beauty that was determined by mathematical formulas.  Beauty and physical perfection was a matter of numerical relationships, including geometry.  The isosceles triangle, with its perfect symmetry and firm foundation, was the basis of creative works in many cultures.

The knowledge of mathematics was applied to astronomy, music, architecture, sculpture, and art. Very often the numerical proportions were…

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