Norse Mythology VS Christianity

Modern Norse Heathen

There are many telltale similarities between Christian and Norse Pagan beliefs. I have detailed some of them below, for the purpose of comparison:

1. Afterlife

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the idea of an afterlife was rejected. However, in the New Testament, the notion was gradually introduced. The most logical explanation for this was to make Christianity more appealing to the pagans they were trying to convert. Also, both Valhalla and Heaven/Helheim and Hell are extremely similar.

2. Syncretism

In the church’s desperation to convert as many people as possible, they actually allowed pagans to continue worshipping their own gods – as long as they accepted that Jesus Christ was supreme. The church encouraged pagans to view their gods as ’saints‘ or ‚angels‘ rather than actual deities. When Christianity first entered pagan Europe, they encouraged the local populations to worship the pagan gods as intermediaries to the Holy…

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