CHRISTIANITY: An Invention by Romans! Part-1

Dr JB Ratti

Is there really any history to the character, Jesus Christ? Where did he come from?

For sixteen hundred years, Roman Catholic Church has ruled Europe and other continents, controlled societies, influenced thoughts, waged wars, inflicted untold tortures and brutalities, amassed vast fortunes and converted millions of people around the world to a religious dogma, the religion of Christ. Was it all based on stories fabricated by Roman Caesars? The idea of the post is not to hurt anybody’s feelings but, to analyze objectively and academically, what innumerable scholars around the world also believe, that the myth of Jesus Christ was created by Romans to control societies and deify Caesars themselves.

Christianity is built around the central figure, Jesus Christ. Was Jesus Christ real? Most scholars agree that Jesus as a human being never existed. Jesus cannot be historically defended. There never was a person like this. While investigating the story…

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