On the eve of Samhain – Korrigans & Breton Mythology


The Celtic New Year or Halloween, choose what is closer to you, my esteemed Readers, invite us to move deeper in centuries and to ponder upon the Celtic French roots, yet too strong in the consciousness of the 17th century people. The region of Bretagne, that managed to save the spirit and plenty of national treasures until our days, is the best source to close the real history of the Celts, while the Breton Mythology is full of surprises for all folk lovers.

We should notice that Bretagne played an important trade role in the economy of the 17th century France. At Louis XIV’s time this province profited from the naval expansions. The main ports were built at Saint-Malo, Brest and Lorient, while Bretons were always welcome in the navy and participated actively in the colonization of New France and West Indies. However, the rebellion of 1675, known as…

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