Is There Any Archaeological Evidence for King David?

Cyber Penance

This is the 3rd part of a response to an article that was sent to me via Twitter entitled Leading archaeologist says Old testament storeis are fiction. (Yes, that’s the actual title of the article.) That article was sent to me in the midst of a Twitter firestorm of responses to an article I shared entitled 5 Uncomfortable Facts Atheists Need To Hear by Barak Lurie, a former atheist. (You can read my responses to the firestorm herehere, and here.)

The opening sentence of this article, posted on Sunday, March 28, 1993, says: “ABRAHAM, Jacob, Moses, King David, and King Solomon in all his splendour, never existed, a 15-year study of archaeological evidence has concluded.” The first post in this series addressed the question of Is There Archaeological Evidence for Abraham?. The next post addressed the question of Is There Any Archaeological Evidence for Exodus?

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