Valknut – A Norse Symbol

Whispers of Yggdrasil

The Valknut is probably the most known and used symbol (as well as the Mjölnir) by the neo-pagans who follow and practice the old Norse pagan traditions. However, most people don’t know it’s meaning, sadly. The word Valknut is a neologism, created in modern times, formed by the combination of „valr“ (the dead or the slain“ and knut (knot). This symbol has many connections with the other symbols I have written before, this is a symbol of three interconnected triangles. These triangles may be joined in two ways, and I will place images below.

It can either be as Borromean:

or Unicursal:
Know that other types of Valknuts that you may encounter, different from these two, were never used in original Viking ornaments. Only the two designs above are genuine Viking Valknuts, keep that in mind. The Borromean triangles type can be seen in the Stora Hammer Rune Stone (below).

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