History vs Hope, Past vs Future

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Statue of the Roman god, Janus Statue of the Roman god, Janus

„For most of our lives, we are preoccupied by the future.  Looking forward seems far more interesting than looking back.  All that can happen intrigues us, while the past seems fixed and airless.  Gradually, our future gets so much smaller than our enlarging past that we are forced to shift our gaze.  Just as a society derives its heft more from its history than its hopes, we come to suspect that what we have already experienced is our treasure trove.“
— Wendy Lustbader,Life Gets Better:  The Unexpected Pleasures of Growing Old

The month of January is named for the ancient Roman god, Janus — the god of beginnings, endings, gates, doors, time and transitions.  I like how this fits in with today’s quote about growing old.  When we are young, our life feels infinite and death feels far away.  But as we pass…

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