The Dragon and the Snake God


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Snakes can be deadly. From cobras to rattlesnakes, poisonous snakes kill approximately 90, 000 people a year across the world. Such powerful animals were made into Gods in many cultures. Buddha slept under the protection of the seven-headed Naga God. Naga is a cobra (also referred to as Naja), who, in its divine form, has seven heads. Above: Naga serpents at Angkor Vat.

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The seven-headed Naga God, also called Agni, at Angkor Thom. The legend has it that the Devas (Gods) and the Asuras (Demons) had been fighting for a thousand years. To stop the fight, Vishnu told both to hold the body of Naga to churn the Ocean of milk and produce „amrita“ the nectar of immortality. Above: a Deva holding the body of Agni or Naga, the Serpent God. Angkor Thom.

Siddharta Gautama Buddha lived around the 5th century BC. The churning of the sea…

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