„The God Ra: Iconography“

AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

We are very glad to present you the study
“The God Ra: Iconography”
dedicated to the iconography of the God Ra,
with all the forms and names from the „Litany of Ra“

(click on the image to open the link)



-Ra as a falcon-headed man
-Anthropomorphic form of Ra
-Zoomorphic and combined forms of Ra
-The Sun with the forms of Ra

Iconographic index:

I part: Ra as a falcon-headed man

II part: Ra in anthropomorphic form
-Ra in His form of Divine Child

III part: Ra in His form of sacred falcon
-Ra as a human-headed falcon
-Ra as a ram-headed falcon

IV part: Ra in His form of sacred cat
-Ra as a cat-headed man

V part: Ra as a lion-headed man
-Ra in His form of hieracosphinx

VI part: Ra in His sacred forms of calf and bull

VII part: Ra in His forms of sacred…

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