The Artistic Adventure of Mankind

The Iona Abbey (Isle of Iona, West Coast of Scotland, ca. 563).

The monastery of Lindisfarne (in the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, at the northeast coast of England), ca. end of 634.

In Europe, only Ireland, Scotland, and parts of northern England were safe from barbarian invasions. During the first centuries of the Middle Ages this area of Celtic cultural tradition developed a monastic life in which a particular art style flourished reflecting, even more than the Byzantine art, a detachment from the shapes and forms of the real world.  The Celts were people from the Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages and shared cultural similarities.

During the Age of Metals, the Irish civilization evolved greatly. In the following centuries it didn’t experience the slightest Romanization, and thus managed to preserve intact the Celtic style originated in the time called „La Tène“, a European Iron Age…

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