2 Gedanken zu „The Intelligent Geometry Of Auriga Constellation On Grid Star Map Projection

  1. Also of interest, please note the site’s icon at left. It shows a satellite map of the old wall perimeter of Old Jerusalem ( built hundreds and hundreds of years ago ), with north at 90 degrees, …. superimposed and overlayed , …… on the Auriga Constellation, seen in a Hemisphere projection star map, at 90 degrees at north, cued-up on the winter solstice, with view from Earth’s north pole, in the year 2000 A.D.
    No tilting of images was needed for perfect fit, with each wall-point of Jerusalem touching the lines of Auriga.
    Note, the stars of Auriga were not in this position when the wall was built.
    Note how Auriga is on the star map’s 180 degree baseline, and Jerusalem touches this line.
    On Earth, 180 degrees from Jerusalem wall’s south-point is a strange-shaped mountain peak in Arizona, that the Tohono O oodham Tribe calls, “ the mountain at the center of the Universe „.
    Please view the whole 500 page story at mathematical-signs-of-God.com
    Very few people visit this site. This is the proof of God that science has always asked-for, and, it shows God’s common math pattern that unites the world’s people and beliefs.

    Gefällt mir

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