The curse of Palmyra

Aristotle, Greek tourist guide

A lot has been written lately about Palmyra, after its takeover by the ISIL, especially lately, when their forces started the methodical destruction of the city’s most important monuments. The temple of Baalshamin, the temple of Bel, as well as three of the burial towers at the edge of the ancient city have been destroyed. Using as a pretext the decrees of Islam to destroy idols, the fighters of ISIL have been destroying important monuments of world heritage since the beginning of the war. In fact, the practice is a means of concealing the systematic looting and trading of ancient artifacts which are sold to the west for huge sums of money which is then used to fund their military forays.

Short history

Palmyra (city of palms) is an oasis at a strategic spot for commerce, as it was in a vital spot in…

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