The Mayas: a globalized ancient culture

Proyecto Noesis Int

First of all, I want to offer an apology to all the regular, eventual and accidental followers of this space for having been absent for a few months. I am back with interesting themes, always regarding todays society and contemporary culture we live in, as well as some market research, so I hope you follow us and spread the news…


Recently I assisted to an exposition dedicated to the Mayas in Palacio Nacional (Nacional Palace or seat of the federal executive in Mexico). This exposition turned out to be rather attractive for many reasons. The Mayan culture is with no doubt something that never ceases to amaze us because of it’s development, knowledge, art, language and architecture, among other things. Being born in Mexico, the Mayan culture is not new to me, I had the opportunity to travel to some of the main archeological Mayan sites, but this time, I…

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