Perseus The Graeae and the Mountain

Biblical Roots of Certain Pagan Myths and Philosophies


[The AMAIC considers the Middle East – West comparisons of John R. Salverda as interesting, with some of them we think being very likely.

But we do not necessarily agree with all of the following]


The Graeae and the Mountain

by John R. Salverda

As I have intimated previously, the Graeae have probably derived their name from a well known, in ancient times, Arabian People known as the Agraioi, who were Scripturally called the Hagarites. Although this great nation gets downplayed in the Scriptures, it must have at one time encompassed not only the Arabian Ishmaelites, but also the Keturite Midianites and even the Ethiopians and other Sabeans, all under the title of „Hagarite.“ It becomes apparent that the Midianites of Mount Sinai were anciently considered as Hagarites, thus Paul, who wrote of an analogy between Mount Sinai and Hagar (at Gal. 4:24-26), had a precedent to do so…

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