The Milanese Magi: Legends and Locations

Medieval Milanetc

The Magi, mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew (2:1-12) and recognized as the first people to travel long distance to pay homage to Christ, have long been venerated in the Christian imagination as the prototype of Christian pilgrimage. Less known, however, is that the Magi — at least, their relics — have spent more time in Milan than Bethlehem and that their connection with Milan long predates their better known association with the German city of Cologne.

Central to the Milanese legend are two historical events. In the 1160s, the Holy Roman Emperor, Fredrick Barbarossa of Germany, sacked the city of Milan, and rewarded the relics of the Magi, which were housed in the Basilica di Sant’Eustorgio in Milan, to the Archbishop of Cologne, Rainald von Dassel, as a reward for providing the emperor with an army. Today, the relics of the Magi sojourn in both Cologne and Milan as a portion of the relics were…

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