What Was the Significance of The Capitoline Triad to the Roman Pantheon?

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Scythian Diana – who was she? — We Are Star Stuff


You may remember, if you read my post on Taranis, how the Roman writer Lucan compared his cult to that of the „cruel“ Diana of the Scythians. I wondered at the time who Diana of the Scythians was, and what was cruel about her cult.

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Ancient Greek Art: Figure, Pottery, and Architecture

The Blue Curls

Ancient Greece (approx. 800 B.C. to early 6th century A.D.) laid on a mountainous land, and as a result by the 5th century B.C. Greece consisted of many smaller independent citizen states (also known as Polis) each with their own dialect and cultural identity (a few worth mentioning are Athens, Sparta, Ephesus, Byzantion and Marseilles.)

When it comes to Classical Greek art, much of what we know comes from pieces made of stone and clay that have survived the test of time. Unfortunately, not many statues or sculptures from that era have survived, since stone statues were easily prone to breaking, and metal ones were often melted for re-use. Same goes for their paintings; the very few that have been found are decorations on ceramic pottery.

Ancient Greek art consists of four really important periods: Geometric, Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic, which I am going to talk about briefly. By introducing…

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