The Cimbrian War: A New Roman War Machine — Roman Imperium

The threat of a Germanic invasion had nearly bought Rome to its knees. Yet the Romans would rally and change their way of fighting, but this would affect the long term stability of the Republic.

The Cimbrian War: A New Roman War Machine — Roman Imperium

Jupiter, Dies Pater of the Romans — Neptune’s Dolphins

Known as The Shining Father (“Dies Pater”), Jupiter (Iuppiter), according to the Romans, is the Ruler of the Cosmos. Jupiter Optimus Maximus (IOM) is the Supreme Roman God. As the Lord of the Sky, He makes his will to be known through thunder and lightning. Any piece of land struck by lightning belongs to Him […]

Jupiter, Dies Pater of the Romans — Neptune’s Dolphins

The Timeline of Noah’s Flood (Video)

Is That in the Bible?

In case you saw this post briefly disappear, I apologize for the confusion. I inadvertently uploaded an older version of the video and quickly took the post down so I could rectify the error.

When I first wrote about Noah’s flood some years ago, I offered an interpretation of the flood timeline based primarily on a 1980 paper by Niels Peter Lemche. Later, I discovered a more recent paper by Lloyd M. Barré that solved some of the difficulties that remained in the reconstructions attempted by Lemche and others.

Anyone can read the paper for themselves of course, but I thought it would be nice to demonstrate the flood chronology visually as a follow-up video to Episode 1, which I posted two weeks ago. Shorter videos like this will be treated as supplementary instead of getting their own episode number.

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Roman Gods of the Month: September — Neptune’s Dolphins

For Romans, September is the month of sacred games to honor Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Later in the month, the Capitoline Triad, the Gods of State, is honored with a feast. At the Ides, a nail is driven into a post at Jupiter’s Temple. This was to advert the plague for another year. (By counting the […]

Roman Gods of the Month: September — Neptune’s Dolphins

Why North? — The Renaissance Mathematicus

Recently on Twitter, Vintage Maps posted a fifteenth century map of England, Scotland, and  Wales that was somewhat unusual in that South was at the top, so Scotland was at the bottom. Numerous people found it bizarre or irritating and it was obvious that many people are somehow convinced that North must be at the top of […]

Why North? — The Renaissance Mathematicus

Did Vikings Pray ? — Whispers of Yggdrasil

Did Vikings pray? Well, yes! But not in the way we might think they did. The figure on the Thumbnail for this video isn’t from the Nordic Iron Age but rather from the Bronze Age, representing a kneeling woman wearing a cord skirt, found in Fårdal near Viborg. Her left hand reaches towards her right […]

Did Vikings Pray ? — Whispers of Yggdrasil